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This is my humor and Useless Information area. Cruise this at yer own risk of idleness... fun for hours

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Rob's Wav Page....Tons of Funny Wavs from Movies and TV shows, etc

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Humor Search
Urban Legends
Devil's Dictionary

You Might be a Redneck Jedi....
And now a word from our sponsor...
Worst of the Web (the useless pages)
Break the  (anti chain letter site)
Help Desk Institute (especially read the toilet paper blurb) (not just humor,   Great when you need to kill time)

Humor Journals (some questionable content)

The Onion
Amish  Tech Support (blog)
Behind the Music that Sucks (Parody of VH1s behind the music)

Sick Humor Sites (definitely not work friendly)
Maddox the Madman
Steak and
Andy's Sick Humor Links (not for the feint of heart)

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