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King Friday Music and Wav

Some of the music here is mine or covers bands I've been in or like.  
Also more general music links to local Utah music sites, tablature, theory, bands I like, etc.
Also links to Wavs from Movies, TV shows, etc.

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Rob's Tablature and Gear Page

More Music Links

g Links

Norse                                     My experimental project with Bury
SevenZen                               Another project with Bury and also Adniram this ones more Dark Wave

Local Sites for Bands, Record labels, or Resources

Phono                                    Darkwave Project
Red Triangle Records              Red Triangle Records excellent local record label
Violet Run                              Violet Run
Hothe                                     Cory's Main page with links to his other projects
Utah Underground                   Utah Underground
The Perfect Cut                      Music and SLC scene e-zine by Jacob
LocalSLC                                 Classifieds and Message Board
The Rock Salt                        Zine and message board with classifieds
Utah Bands                           Show Listing and Message Board
Music Utah                           Musicians Classifieds
KRCL                                    KRCL
Slug Magazine                        Print magazine with web site

General Interest

Indie Zineland                       Listing of Underground Music Zines Several Genres                        Ultimate Album Reviews
Rolling Stone                        Mainstream Music Mag
Dead Musician's Directory      Complete With Causes of Death
In Your Eye                          Do It Yerself(DIY) Musician's Resources
Fuller Up                              Another Dead Musician's Directory
Art of the Mix                      The Craft of Making Your Own Mixes                     Is Your Bandname Being Used Already?
Wav Pages

Wav Page                             Humorous Wavs From Various Movies
Sci Fi Wavs                          Wavs from Sci Fi TV Shows/Movies
Star Wavs                             Wavs from Star Wars and Star Trek

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