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Weird and Not So Weird News sites in that order

Rob's Random News Article Links
Weird News Main
Weird Phenomena
Weird Utah
Not So Weird News/Tech Sites

News of the Weird
cool sites about weird news

Eightball Magazine
Top 10 Weird Site Links
Humor Source Weird News

Ali's Weird But True Stuff (weird candy)
Altered Vistas

Xpress Press Wierd News

Channel 4000

Urbanlegends at Mining.CO
Quirkies at

ABC Chicago Strange News
Weird and Strange News Weblog's Strange News
P.L.O.D.S.  (People Living Outside Darwin's System)
Fortean Times
News is Stranger than Fiction at
Art (America's Favorite Crackpot)
Garbage House

Sites about Weird Phenomena and Crackpots

Crop Circle Pictures
Paranormal Page
MagBag Strange Happenings

Strange Beings from Japanese Folklore
Berlitz's World of Strange Phenomenon
Strange Phenomena happening during Weightlessness
Journal of Strange Phenomenon
The Underground City by Jules Vernes
Making order out of Chaos
Chaos Radio (Netherlands)

Sites about the Strangeness/Strange People of Utah

Strange Utah Landscape (tales of the American Desert)
Utah's Strange Liquor Laws
Strange Days in Utah
Strange Rock Formations in Goblin Valley
Strange Half Man half Bird Creature Sighted in Utah (also links to other strange Utah happenings)
Shadowlands (Haunted Places in Utah)
The Strange Case of Dr. Weitzel

Utah's Strange Sex Laws
Utah Cropcircles (the aliens who want to land here are pretty lame)
Mark the Treasure Hunter
Those Wacky Mormons!
Diarist Online/Utah chapter (strange utterances of Utahns)

Strange Horizons
Bizarre Utah

Bin Laden Seen in Utah
Utah Passes on Penis Puppets
Bizarre Case of Utah Grave Robber
Plan 10 From Outer Space

Hostage Taking and Explosives in Utah
SLC Punk
Woman Sues Utah McDonald's

Not So Weird News

News Sites and Tech sites that I cruise on a regular basis:

Scroll Down for News sites links:

Computer Related:
               The Register (UK)biting the hand that feeds IT           
  Tom's Hardware  
The BB

National News

       Village Voice      
       Washington Post  
NY Times
          LA Times            
  Popular Science

Local Sites
              Salt Lake City Tribune
      Salt Lake City Weekly              

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