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Land of Make Believe
This page has listings of film, literature, art, and sci-fi resources, etc.

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Humorous Sci Fi Shows that I love

Mystery Science Theater 3000!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Sealab 2021

Movie Pages

Film Threat
Ain't it Cool News
the Forcenet
Upcoming Movies
Internet Movie Database
SLC Film Finder

Books and Literary:

Lit Kicks

Links to works by some of my favorite Fantasy/Sci Fi authors:

Robert Heinlein
Frank Herbert

Ray Bradbury
Orson Scott Card

William Gibson
Harlan Ellison
JRR Tolkein

Anne McCaffrey
Neil Gaiman
H.P. Lovecraft (father of modern horror)

Anne Rice
Clive Barker
Michael Moorcock


Famous Quotations
Quote Archive

Rob's Quotes:

Stupid Quotes
Not So Stupid Quotes
David Bowie Quotes

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