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X-men X-Factor and Related  (this one's a long one folks)

            Angel Vs Hobbs         Bishop's Crossing         Cable and Beast        

            New Mutants Cable          Colossus Tries to Kill Professor X! Nuff Said!          Iceman vs Japanese Ninja Cyberpunks

             Mess With Us (very Clint Eastwoodish)           Sunspot Quits         Introducing Bishop    

              Beyonder Berserk           X-Men vs the Avengers Temptation of Magneto         Inferno

              X Factor 71 Guido          Pheonix Kicking Cyclops Ass          Hunting for Nathan

              Professor X gets the Techno Virus           Enslaved in Genosha         Early one with the Mimic

              Another Early one with Super Adaptoid          Sunset Grace         Battle Royale

               Once Again into Genosha          With Nick Fury and Magneto in the Forbidden Land         Wolverine vs Omega Red

                                                                                                    No Place Like Home Page