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Pentagon to Track American Consumer Purchases,2933,70992,00.html

DMCA bad for apple users:
Is Microsoft Building XP version 2?
Microsoft Announces Critical Security Warning:
Cisco: Options would weigh on earnings:
Wi Fi Joins Broadband Access Debate:
eBay Scams leaving users confused:
Road Runner Takes on AOL Broadband:
Delta 4 rocket debuts after delays
PC prices slashed to new lows:

Researchers laud robot guided heart surgery:
Star Trek Nemesis Link Online:,4470,2446644,00.html
Retailers use DMCA against shopping sittes (!are they suicidal?)
U.S. Presses Inquiry into Computer Associates:

Ethernet Switch Shimpments up steeply
New IBM Unit Will Give Customers Access To R&D Labs
Iomega Introduces Data-Recovery Service
Cisco Aims Product Barrage at Security:
Microsoft Releases Final Beta of Visual
Netgear Says VPN over Wireless LAN solves security problems:
Cisco Expands Safe Blueprint:
Accused Pentagon Hacker's Online Life
Why does the self balancing Segway need a kickstand:

Cisco Updates IP Phone Offerings:
Service levels sink as telcos tighten belts:
Microsoft SEC filing shows hideous losses except for Windows
Dell debuts handheld:
Nintendo confirms console plans (here to stay)



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