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Update NEW FORMAT :)

I'm splitting this section in three,  I will now have a Tech News and a More General News and Weird News
Section.  The Tech News and General News I will be updating Weekly and the Wierd News more
sporadically as the really good, funny wierd stories appear in quantity enough to post.
Here are the new Links

Tech News
General News
Weird News

Coalition forces strike Iraqi radar site:
NASA wants space plane
and newer model space shuttle:
Fossil puts Palm OS in a wriswatch:,aid,107006,00.asp
Nvidia shoots for film with new chip:
Comdex files for Chapter 11:
David Lee who?, Hagar goes his own way:
More kids becoming allergic to Peanuts:

Web Panhandler pays off $20,000 debt:
Give the Gift of Gizmos (peter lewis on technology weblog)
Pirated version of Henry Potter II online?:
Mormons put census from 1880s online:
Bugbear disables virus protection, mounts attack:
San Diego wireless net installs 72-mile, 2.4-GHz link,10801,75830,00.html
The future of Notebook PCs:,10801,75889,00.html
Opinion: Tiresome Tablets:,10801,75909,00.html
Iraqis fire on planes again:


Success Overwhelms Wireless Networks:

Korean Kidnappings: South Koreas hidden shame

New York Exports Mentally Ill,  burdens other states:

MEMS,micro-electro-mechanical systems

Porn users unintentionally cause terror alert:

Vice magazine,  the literary version of "Jackass"

Survival of the Dumbest,  Ted Nugents still rolling along:

IBM's Ex-CEO: No Vision is Right Vision

SBC to Announce Cheap Telecom Deal

Enemies in court now find common ground in a record label

George Harrison's Son carries on Dad's Music Legacy:

Bill Gates Unveils New 'Intelligent' Products

Fourth Arrest made in killing of California Teen:

Publish Your Heart Out with Easy-To-Use Web Tools

U.S. Military Staging Forces in Horn of Africa



More cruise passengers fall ill

Education publication makes whale of a mistake

$11 theft puts guy away for 25 years

Sexy Calendar to fund Science department:

Terrorists arrested in London Underground

George Clooney's Butt rated PG 13:

Archeologists Look for UFO at Famed Roswell Site

Surgeons' Verdict Grim on Michael Jackson's Nose

James Bond Resumes Smoking after 13 year Hiatus

Fast-Food Customer Loses Appetite Over Toilets

Cobra Smuggler Dies After Sea Chase

Michael Jackson ends 3 days of testimony:

Rick James denies sex abuse allegations

Jerry McGuire Agent beats partner in lawsuit:

Mafia Battles Hand Big Win to Czech Software Firm


Actor Jeffrey Jones faces child sex charges
Seagal is "Half Past Dead"
Japanese worlds fastest computer simulates earth:
Software maker offers "legal" dvd copying:
Senate Approves Kid-Friendly Internet Zone

Gateway Expects SEC Investiagation to End Soon:

Microsoft ready to plug Xbox into the Internet:

TIVO stock climbs on Toshiba Deal:

Startup to offer Lindows OS on tablet pc

Panama to continue Internet Phone call block:
wr_nm/tech_panama _dc&sid=95573419

Roxio bids $5.3million on Napster Assets

Actor shot from movie "8 miles"
Go to a Lawsuit and a Hockey Game breaks out:
Al Qaeda Suspect says he targeted Belgian Nuke Site
Man Arrested in Detroit of being a leader of a "Sleeper Cell"
Florida Coral Reefs to be protected from Large Ships:
Holocaust Writer in Trouble over Role of Roman Catholic Church:
Fur Protestors disrupt Victorias Secret Show:
Warnings of Retaliation after CIA Killers Execution:
Software Legend Takes on Microsoft:
Blitzer Report:
Polymers rocket Net speed to 145Ghz
Sendo Ditches Microsoft, 
Decides not to make MS software based smartphone:
Coming Next Week: Comdex,
HP Earnings, Cisco Shareholders Meeting
Peribit's pattern-matching algorithms
increase available bandwidth by 50%
Virus Trapper Prevents Worms Spread:

U.K. Hacker Suspect to fight extradition to US:
Front of Brain controls fear:


Anti WTO protestors bring sydney to standstill:
Rap Mogul "suge" Knight's record company raided by authorities:
Defender Video Game making a comeback:
Teen Blames Grand Theft Auto on his crime spree:
New inspection team heading to Iraq sports new technologies:
Miss Cleo Settles out of Court:
Bush to end N. Korea Oil Supply:

When you ride alone,  you ride with Bin Laden:
MJ photo gallery:

700 mouse cartoon challenges Mickey
Bill Wyman Sues over Name:
Three Associates of "Suge" KNight arressted for conspiracy:
Why Linux is a desktop Dud:
Congress Approves Web radio royalty deal:
Pee Wee Herman actor charged
 review: "Chamber of Secrets" a rousing, top ranked sequel

Cray tests Fastest Supercomputer
Butler trial launches Royal Family Tabloid Dirt Avalanche:
US Ramps up for Hydrogen Economy
West Nile found in Farm Bred Alligators:
Call for less sodium in processed foods:
Bishops Pass Plan to create Tribunerals for sex abuse cases:
Plan to Move Theater Movies from Film to Hard Drive:
Prison Gaurds Patrol with Tech:

Why Microsofts PDAs will be dominated by Palm:
When Tech Support Lets you Down

Actor Jeffrey Jones faces child sex charges

Notorious U.K. Child Killer Dies:

Surviving Greatful Dead members

 Anti WTO protestors bring sydney to standstill:
Rap Mogul "suge" Knight's record
company raided by authorities:
Defender Video Game making a comeback:
Teen Blames Grand Theft Auto on his crime spree:
Cray tests Fastest Supercomputer
Butler trial launches Royal Family Tabloid Dirt Avalanche:
US Ramps up for Hydrogen Economy
West Nile found in Farm Bred Alligators:
Call for less sodium in processed foods:
Bishops Pass Plan to create Tribunerals for sex abuse cases:
Plan to Move Theater Movies from Film to Hard Drive:
Prison Gaurds Patrol with Tech:
The Perishable DVD as Musical Taste Test
Kitchen Sink Drama
Michael Jackson fails to show up for court:
Eidos settles Hitman Sikh dispute
Why VisionTek is suing Mitac, Nvidia, VC, and five ex-staff
Why Microsofts PDAs will be dominated by Palm:
When Tech Support Lets you Down

KIRBY: My Ad for Utah Food Bank
Left the Director With a Stomach Ache:
Researchers find "on/off" switch for certain types of caner proteins:
LDS Author's Book Deemed "inappropriate"
for Deseret Book Store chain:
California Quarantines Poultry to Contain Newcastle Disease




Dragon's Layer for X Box
Film Gimp:
Iraq accepts inspectors:
US charges U.K. hacker with 900,000 damages:
Philips, Sony gobble up Intertrust Digital Rights Management company
Wyclef Jean wants to reunite the Fugees:
Stradivarius Violin Sells for $966,600
Joni Mitchell says new album will be her last:
SAG Makes Eastwood's Day
Receives lifetime achievement award:
10 Sickened in Tear Gas Attack at Nightclub


10 T flop computer built with pc components
Radioactive Isotopes Fuel Microscopic Battery
Speech Technology Loses its Luster
John Leguizamo's Empire:
Spidey 2 info,  Enter Doctor Octopus
LoTR spoiler alert! 
Shots of Gollum and Treebeard are out there:
The Hulk,  more spoilers:

Cisco's Order Backlog Boosts Markets:
Webster Ends His Brief Stint on S.E.C. Oversight Board
Iraq Parliament Rejects U.N. Call, Leaving Decision to Hussein
4th Day of Protests in Tehran, and Demonstrations Spread
AOL Programming Chief Quits After 7 Months on the Job
Aspiring Screenwriters Turn to Web for Encouragement
Intel to Unveil Fastest-Ever Pentium 4 Chip
An Afterlife on Disc for That Fading Video
Mr. Qaddafi, You've Got Mail:
The Pentagon's Path From Osama to Saddam Why the War Works:
New Media Finds Its Place in the New World Order
War Games:
Russian Fentanyl Story Quietly Absorbed By Media :
Blasts Rock U.S. Fast-Food Outlets in Lebanon
Why Eminem's a Fraud and other pop culture trash:
McDonald's pulling out of Middle East:
Yellow Sand from China blowing to Japan:
KDDI to start test service for IP-phone for individuals
Al Queda planned to attack the Pope:
Palestinians discuss bombing truce:
Give her something to smile about:
Movie Retreads on the Skidz (sequels not doing so well)
Interview with Conor Oberst f Bright Eyes:
Music of the stars
 'Celestial whistlers' turn a sound-video collaboration into an unearthly extravaganza

Pearl Jam puts out a strong new album:

J.Lo Blooper making the rounds
UN vents anger at UN resolution:
Doom III for free
Ralphie Whacked!:

UTAH News:  Dude looks like a lady gets arrested and it weren't the fashion police:
Saddam fights back with Commerce:
Multiple Threadz
Blimps fly again as alternate to spy satellites:
Idealab founder sparring with board:
phones blamed in more car crashed
DNA tests man incorrectly accused of Rape 20 years later

Nov. 10, 2002

Deep Fried Twinkies, Strange Health Food Fad:,2933,54280,00.html

Magnetic Field around earth is weakening,6903,837058,00.html

Edgar Allen Poe, Cosmologist?(requires you create a login at ny

US Lays out plan to invade Iraq with 200,000 troops:,12239,837325,00.html

28 Days later a movie about Godspeed You Black Emperor,
shadowy neo-classical rock nine-piece from Montreal,6903,836839,00.html

Indian Study About Mediterranean Diet:

Image disorder linked to career in the art field

Certain Gene Patterns make it harder to quit smoking:

Dysentary spread to 1000s in Southern Russia via tainted dry milk:

Winona Ryder report missing:

California town finds new use for disposable diapers (recyled into other products):

UN Body blocks Japanese bid to traffic whale meat:

Forensic Evidence indicates Malvo
the shooter in most of the sniper killings:

The Story behind IBM's transformation:

Judge clears Qwest unit sale

Notes from the CMJ music showcase:

Count to five and then go psychotic:

PCs morph into new forms:

OSX, Intel Inside?

10/100 switches,  a buyers guide, comparison chart:

Fried: dangerous trend,  teens smoking drugs dipped in embalming fluid:

Nov. 8,2002


Optical Mice:
how to change your led from red to another color
All your CDs are belong to us,  or:
All CDs will be protected and you are a filthy pirate:
IBM relaunches PC division
Worker Wins suit vs Salt Lake Hotel:
Using your Debit card online has pros and cons
'Columbine' Strikes at the Heart
SLC Club Calendar (listing of clubs)
SLC Club Notes:(description of current events)
MS admits that it's Linux bashing capaign is a failure:
Lindows $200 PC with Lindows OS:
Want some Wi-Fi with that sandwich?
Key Internet Server Moved for Security
No more biggie sizing at McDonalds corporate:
Downsizing of the Big Mac:
Police together again, but for just one show
of 3 songs for Rock Hall of Fame induction:
Fans Riot after Axl Rose pulls another no show:
Hope for coffee drinkers:
Heavy Coffee Drinking Lowers Diabetes Risk--Study
Royal family may regret sparing butler from lawsuit:
Diana's Butler Won't Shut Up, Embarrassing Royals
Al Qaeda seen planning multiple strikes in several countries:
Interpol says "Bin Laden is Alive"
NY frustrated in search for Jam Master J's killer:
100 best moments in pop music culture:
Government Agencies Joining forces to fight cyber crime:

E-Bay entreprenuers, a success story:
Stocks drop on Cisco earnings warning for coming quarter

Mattel loses cases against cybersquatters
using hotwheels and barbie in their domain names:

Evans and Sutherland cuts 140 jobs:
Death Knell for the lowly cassette tape: to offer custom burnt CDs 99cents a piece:
Atari console in the joystick sold by Avon:

Court Tells Bavaria to Allow Wife-Swapping
Gun Toting Grandad gets his terrorist squirrel:
Cisco Overhauls QPM:
Confederacy of Dunces goes to film after 22 years in development:
John Lennons dope box and pipe up for sale:
Limp Bizkit criticized for death of fan crushed by crowd:
RUN DMC disbands
Johnny Lee Miller to portray Lord Byron
Robbie Williams to wed 15 year old teenage fan
Theater Show based on Monty Python planned:
Dungeon Barbie:
Nov. 7,2002


Dell Gig snafu,  ships laptop with desktop processor, runs
at half speed when using battery power:

Computer Worms of the Future:,10738,2896683,00.html
Forced Vaccines haunt gulf war vets:,1283,56099,00.html
Privacy group vs Peer 2 Peer crackdown
why the record companies are dumb to try to combat the peer to peer hyra
(my own peer to peer article)
BMG quits shipping non copy protected cds
Micro PC, smallest of the small
Titanic Mystery Solved,  un named child named:
South Carolina Teen Charged With Extortion in Smart Case

Why Mars rocks keep hitting Earth
Medical Marijuana bill passes in San Francisco:
Bubonic Plague in NYC?
German Plane Crash

FBI softpedaled terrorist threats:
Michael Moore wants to tick you off with new movie "Bowling for Columbine":
Police, Elvis Costello, others inducted into rock hall of fame
FBI finds source of attacks on internet core routers/servers:
Cisco Predicts Soft 2nd quarter
FCC won't open review of Comcast, AT&T cable deal:

Holiday Movie Sneak Previews:

Old and New Wave Underground(Prog Rock Resurgeance):,0,2400311.story?coll=cl%2Dmusic%2Dfeatures
Madster file sharing system ordered to track users
Bobby Brown busted again on drug and traffic charges:
Hot Sauce Battles:
Meth bust at local grayhound station
Survivor of Wendy's Massacre testifies:
Did it take more than one meteorite do in the dinosaurs?:

 Nov. 6,2002


Pictures of Mt. Aetna Eruption:

Harry Potter vs Tanya Grotter

Is your CRT causing you problems:

Utah Underground Events Calendar

Slugmag CD Reviews

Genesis of Audioslave(RATM meets Soundgarden)

A Decade of Nirvana Articles

Terminator 3 news (life size giganto robots oh my!)

Godzilla Vs. MechaGodzilla (a new movie with these characters!)

Wireless Computer Networks that follows you around:,1382,56166,00.html

Use your IPOD to hold the human genome,1286,56223,00.html

Manga in the US,  good stuff lost in the translation,1640,44532,FF.html

Mitnicks first chapter online again:,1284,56187,00.html

Review of early model tablet PC:,1282,56130,00.html

Garlic and Onions,  ward of girlfriends but also ward off cancer. 
Logic=Are girlfriends a cancer?

Where's Starbuck (dirk benedict) now:

Laptop links sniper to shooting:

Hong Kong Businessmen love U.S. Bug Zappers:

Dr. Smith from lost in space passes away:


Yemen co-operated in U.s. strike on Al Qaeda:

Drugs for Arms deal thwarted:
Cisco Posts mixed results ($1billion still considered weak?)

Media Center PC not ready for living room

HP Invents a Wireless keyboard that's a little too good
Why does my typing appear on my neighbour's PC?

IBM's Pixie dust doubles hard drive data density

Philips touts PC DVD-rewritable design

HP helps vatican post rare documents online,0,5116409.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dt


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