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 Mr. Rodgers' 
Master Links Emporium

Rose Wagner Contacts List

 Rose Wagner Theater (salt lake city)


Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks


 Cheap Trick Lyrics to Surrender

Cheap Trick Pre Production

 David Bowie Tablature

Bands Who's Name Starts with H


Iceburn Pictures

Jeff Buckely

Last Beat Records

 Maeror Tri

Metal Sludge

Minor Threat and the Straigh Edge Conspiracy

The Monks

Michael Monroe

 Norse Page

Pantera back in the Hair Metal Days




Soundgarden News

Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)Tablature

The Universal (Brit Pop Page)

 Unlucky Boys

Hank Williams

Sol Poetry Magazine

20 tips on Songwriting

Internet Writing Journal Top 10 FAQs music
business cues for songwriters

 SongStuff (Songwriters Resources)
 Just Plain Folks Songwriter's Community

English 102 what is a Sonnet


Home Recording FAQ

Review/List/Resources Sites

Robert Christgau Music Essays (writes for more magazines
than you can shake a stick at)

 Gnosis Online Prog Album Rating System

Music Listservs

Krautrock Pages

 Wendy's Knitting Page

Another Prog Site:

Music/Instrument/ Tutorial
  Drummers Software

Hammerhead Online Rhythm Station

 Rhythm Variations

 Metre and Rhyme
 Riff Interactive Guitar Tutorials

Online Interactive Music Tutorials

Harmonic theory and Intonation

Guitar Chord Theory
Digitech RP7 patches

 Guitar Trader

 Fender Forum

 Guitars from David

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