Rob's Quick and Dirty Cisco Tools Page
Disclaimer:  This Page is not run for profit.  I cannot guarantee the level of accuracy or freshness of information and
 of these links.  The links here are provided as an aid to those who use the Cisco site on a
regular basis and want to access some of the tools on it more quickly.  If you suspect a page may be outdated
or have bad information I ask that you verify this information as the information can and does change at a
very rapid pace.

Theres No Place Like Home Page
Software Center Links:
Main Software Tools:
     Software Feature Navigator:
     Software Search Tool:
     HW Software Compatibility Matrix:
     IOS Upgrade Planner
     Release Notes Link
     Router Software Loader(RSL)
     Software Upgrade Tool
     MIB Locator:
     RIF Decoder Tool (decodes Hex Strings)
     Software Stack Decoder
     TFTP Server for Windows
     Troubleshooting Assistant,kb=TE
     Voice Codec Calculator Tool:
     SNMP Object Identifier
     Output Interpreter
     Subnet Calculator
     Field Notice Alert Tool
     Error Message Decoder
     Command Look up Tool
     BitSwapping Tool (converts Ethernet MAC addresses to Token Ring MAC addresses)
     2600/3600 memory calculator

  IOS main page
       sub links
       12-2 ios:
       12-1 ios:
       12-0 ios:
       CATOS Conversion Tool:
       IOS Roadmap:
       IOS DOcGen (customized command reference guide)
       Generalized IOS Reference Guide:
       Projected IOS release dates:

  Bug Alerts
       Bug Alert II Online Tool:
       Search by Bug Number:
       Projected Release Dates for Cisco IOS Software
       In Depth IOS overviews:

  VPN Main Page
     Download App for Newer (3.x) VPN Client Software:
     Download Apps for Older Vpn Client (licenses required)

  Wireless Software Links:
       Aironet Win ce Utilities:
       Wireless Troubleshooting Center