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Shortcuts Section Index
Routers and Access Products
Wireless, DSL, and IP Telephony Products
Switches and Hubs
IP and ATM Products
Security Products
Internet Products
Network Management Products

GO! Shortcuts--Routers and Access Products

 700                   4000
    800                 AS5300
     1000               AS5800 
1400                6400
1600                6700
1700                7100
2500                7200
2600                7500
 3600               12000

GO! Shortcuts--Wireless, DSL, and IP Telephony Products

air340 (bridges)
adap_acc (Client and Access Points)
iptel (IP telephones)
adg (Access Digital Gateways)
mcs (Media Convergence Server 7830)
callmgr (Call Manager)

GO! Shortcuts--Switches and Hubs

            1548               cat4000       
      1900               5000      
2820               6000
2900               8500
  2900XL          hp16m
3500XL          1538
3900               fh400

GO! Shortcuts--IP and ATM Products

  ls1010 (LightStream 1010)

GO! Shortcuts--Security Products

  pix (PIX Firewall)
csis (Cisco Secure Integrated Software)
evpn (Virtual Private Networks)
security (Network Security)
scan (Cisco Secure Scanner)
ids (Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Server)
csm (Cisco Secure Policy Manager)
managedsecurity (Managed Security Services)

GO! Shortcuts--Internet Products

  localdir (Local Director)
dd (DistributedDirector)
cache (Cache Engine)
iptv (IP/TV)
ipvc (IP/VC Videoconferencing Products)
ciscosecure (CiscoSecure ACS and GRS)

GO! Shortcuts--Network Management Products

  rwam (Routed WAN Management Solution)
lms (LAN Management Solution)
cwsms (Service Management Solution)
urt (User Registration Tool)
cvm (Cisco Voice Manager)
cwwin (CiscoWorks Windows)
cwblue (CiscoWorks Blue)
nslms4 (Netsys Service-Level Mgmt Suite)
baseliner (Netsys Baseliner)
switchprobe (Switch Probe)
neman (Network and Element Mgmt)
cic (Cisco Info Center)
cpc (Cisco Provisioning Center)
qpm (Cisco QoS Policy Manager)

GO! Shortcuts--Others

tools (Sales Tools Central - Product info, sales tool etc)
guide (the CPQRG book in PDF & HTML formats)
disti (Worldwide distributor web site)
wwcontacts (Worldwide contact web site)
eol (End-of-life web site)
support (Technical support main web site)
subscription (online subscription service for document & CD orders)


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