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Disclaimer:  This Page is not run for profit.  I cannot guarantee the level of accuracy or freshness of information and
                                                         of these links.  The links here are provided as an aid to those who use the Cisco site on a regular basis and want to access     
 some of the tools on it more quickly.  If you suspect a page may be outdated  
or have bad information
 I ask that you verify this information as the information can and does change at a   very rapid pace.
Data Sheets and Product Search Pages:
Here are some URLS for data sheets on Cisco products.  For a quick way to search for a product
in Windows,  hit your "ctrl" and "f" keys to bring up the search blank and type the name of the product you want.
The products listed here are not listed by specific product number so I suggest searching by a product family name
instead of full part number.  For instance I'd suggest searching for 2600 instead of "CISCO2621XM" which is the
part number.  Also,  when running searches it can help to search by just a small part of the item instead of the full
name like "Pix" instead of "Pix 515".

6500 Data Sheets and Tools

Product Literature Pages

6500 Press Releases

6500 Switch Installation:

6500 Module Installation:

6500 Tech Support Information:

Communications Media Module


Flex Wan Module:

FXS Module

IPSEC Module

Known Problems with the 6500 Series:

Main Product Literature Page From Old Site

Main Product Literature Page from New Site



MSM Module:

SSL Module

Switch Fabric Module

Product Documentation and Technical

Main 6500 Technical Page:

From Installation Guide

Product Overview

Preparing for Installation (electrical specs)

Rackmount and Physical Specifications/Installation

Overview of Modules:

Preparing for Installation of Modules(cable types/port density)